Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Younghusband Love - our fav new neighbours!!

As you know there is endless talent crammed between the walls of our fantastic, rickety, leaky old Woolstore & this time I want to introduce to you Revolt Melbourne!

Ryan, Tim & Steve are the geniusii (I made that word up) behind Revolt & they, along with a team of extremely awesome & talented people, have created a mind-blowingly amazing, multi-purpose arts venue.

It has to be seen to be believed & lucky for you, me & all the other regular folk, they are inviting us all to their Grand Opening!!

It's happening very soon - Saturday Nov 6th, in fact, so if you're in ye olde Melbourne town you really ought to come along!

We're all gonna be there az! And I will even be in costume, coz it's also my birthday (woooots!) & I need very little excuse to a) make stuff & b) dress up! Yaysies!

So go get your ticket & look forward to seeing all you cool* kids there!

xx Teegs

*by 'cool' I actually mean 'fellow geeks'. Whatever! :)

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Adri said...

wow... this is really amazing!