Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our second ever birthday!!

A-hoy hoy!! I am return'ed from my lengthy blogging absence. Long time, no typey-typey, eh?How are we all..? Good? Aces, glad to hear it.

Oh, me? Yes, I'm good, too - thanks for asking..

Things have been rather on the busy side since we last spoke - I've got sooo much to tell you, but we all know that Lara will yell "a good post's a short post! With photo's!!' at me if I begin on a rambling stream of consciousness.

SO! No rambling stream of consciousness. Instead, check out some of our party pics:
(Lara got a spanky new camera for her birthday a few weeks back & my, my, does it take a pretty picture, even in very low, yellow light)

Me, Luz & Lou

We were running late, & still prepping the nibblies when our guests started to arrive.. of course. So typical Teegs & Lara. Thankfully we had the wonderful Jonathan to help us out julienning carrots & celery! Thanks, Jon!! :)

A bunch of awesome folks come to our party.. including NONE OTHER than Louie's wonderful mum Lorraine & gorgeous sister Cleo, who came all the way from New Zealand!!

A trio of lovelies: Dana, Cleo & Lorraine!

Massive thank you to Dana (the lady behind Twiglet) who gave Lara & I a wonderfully beautiful Bride & Wolfe wall hanging each!

AND Lorraine made us a giant birthday cake. We do mean giant. We're still working our way through it...

Another big ol' thank you to Natalie (on the right) from Bunni, who gave Lara & I lovely hand cross-stitched rings!

My bestie Tim, came for a while - then left with my other bestie Kat to go see The Melodics gig (withooooout meeeee... yep, so gutted I had to throw a party instead) (tough life.. no, really..)

Sharing the birthday love: Luz & Shanny - so cute!!

Lara eventually started to fall asleep, so I released her from duty on the proviso that I'd stay & host party things if she came back & cleaned up the next day. She was so happy to do that, you shoulda seen her face. Ha! Sucker ;) S'if I was gonna go home anyway..

Miki, our lovely Swedish intern (you haven't really met her yet, but I'll make her write a post soon...) brought another few Swedish friends and her hilarious Kiwi housie, Heather along & we ended up watching YouTube clips down at Lettuce at 3am of Flight of the Conchords with the last remaining troopers (Thanks Gus! Thanks Renae!). I think most of the hilarity was lost on the Swedes... the rest of us had fun tho!

Then the besties came back, (hooray!) so we took the Swedes next door & hung out with our rad Younghusband neighbours at the very-soon-to-open Revolt Melbourne, til the morning birds sang at us.

xx Teegs

(p.s, Lara just proof read this post & her comment was: "well, it's not tooooo random & ramble-y.." think I passed!)


Jess said...

Lovelies, thanks so much for letting us crash your birthday party! (it was a lovely beginning to what turned out to be a rather large night) Callum and I thoroughly enjoyed soaking up the inspiration in your beautiful studio and thanks for supporting my theory that textile designers are a wonderous bunch!

happy birthday and hope there's many more to come!

yardage girl said...

It looks like so much fun - I'm so bummed I couldn't get there in the end! Have a great week! Nic x

caitlin said...

Sorry I missed it!! Cake looks YUMMY!
see you soon

Jan said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy Second Ever!!!! You're both such an inspiration - keep on keepin' on!!!