Monday, October 11, 2010


Finders Keepers

Needless to say, we're pretty exhausted after tackling two huge design markets on the same weekend. Teegs and Lou are still in Radelaide but I can say that Finders Keepers was great and if you didn't make it - look forward to the next one!!

There's a great recap and photos over at the The Design Files, and here's some random ones from me (more about playing with my new camera than anything particularly informative!)

The Ink & Spindle stall - Finders Keepers

The Ink & Spindle stall - Finders Keepers

Native flora for the stall - a last minute idea that worked really well

Native flora for the stall - preeeetty

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the stall and said hi! It was great to finally put some faces to names and squeeze in a quick bit of shopping in the last 30 minutes.



Frankie and Ray said...

Lara, so great to meet you in person at last! Your stall looked beautiful, and what a weekend it was. Jo x

Anonymous said...

Lara, i was a little nervous saying hello to all you melbourne-ites.

So envious in so many ways at all the beautiful work you do.

so happy to meet you and the hugs were super! thank you.

wish I was back in Melbourne living the life.

tiel said...

oh shit...I always comment as anonymous by mistake... that comment above is from me.

tiel said...

oh and can I just say (promise I'm not stalking you) that the first photo of the two older ladies is great. how nice is that?

Penny said...

Ohmygoodness I ran around like a mad lady in the last 30 mins, buying lots of things! Yay!

Anonymous said...

will you be doing a stall at the bribane finders keepers market?

melli said...

hi i'm huge fan of your work ,your fabrics and products are just stunning LOVE IT xx

Jodie said...

I tried saying hi on Sunday but you were busy, so we just bought stuff and toddled off. Will definitely catch up with you one of these days!