Sunday, October 3, 2010

Save the date!

Hey everyone! Okay so we've been madly preparing for Finders Keepers and Bowerbird the last two weeks so we haven't had a chance yet to make a proper invite, buuuuut....

Ink & Spindle is turning...

Artwork by Gabriella Moxey


We'll be hosting a party on Saturday the 23rd October and we'd love you to join us! So save the date, and we'll send out more info soon. If it's anything like last year's party it's going to be an aaaaaaaawesome night.

Hope you can make it!


Fer said...

Happy Birthday Ink & Spindle! May you live long and prosper. :-)

Anna said...

Happy Birthday, Ink & Spindle! If I was in your hemisphere I would totally be there to celebrate :)