Monday, January 4, 2010

Younghusband Studios

We were just reflecting today how super lucky we are to be in our big great old building surrounded by so many talented peeps. One such genius we probably haven't mentioned before is Yong, who concocts pieces of creative brilliance from his desk situated behind our kitchen wall.

When it came to organising our building Christmas party, it was Yong who took on board organising the invites, designing a logo for Younghusband Studios and on top of it all making a beautiful video about our beloved building! It's a bit esoteric but impressive nonetheless. Do watch!

And here's one of the many cool things he made for the invites - a Christmas card (the sawtooth roof even forms the shape of an xmas tree on the back - rad!)

Younghusband Studios xmas card by Studio Limo

Younghusband Studios xmas card by Studio Limo

Thanks Yong, it's great having you as our neighbour :)


Rabbit and the Duck said...

Oh that Bella, she is such a star!

by marie-nicole said...

What a sensational clip, well done Yong!