Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Erika's bedhead

Just had to quickly share this fantastic bedhead made by Erika Hellstrom-Allan, one of our new wholesale customers. Erika is making bedheads to order, the next one will be done in Birch. Very excited to see how that looks!

Erika's custom made bedhead in sumor

If you're interested in one for yourself, Erika's email is ehellstromallan@optusnet.com.au.


Jodie said...

Beautiful, understated, modern- just awesome !

Taybian Design said...

Beautiful! It looks like a boutique hotel suite!

PretaPawte said...

wow that is cool!

Silkscreen and Scribble said...

That looks fab!

I just found some more "sumor" over on Decor8. Holly has a lovely house tour from Katrin in Vienna and as well as loads of lovely Etsy prints I see a sumor cushion in one of the pics!

Rosalind said...

gorgeous - would be nice on wall panels/as artwork too!