Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The super talent that is Nancybird!

You'll never guess who we've been printing for!

Nancy Bird's new range

Ok, so maybe you will...

...That's right! We've been printing for the one, the only, the amazing Nancybird!

Many, many of our clients & visitors have Nancybird bags (which we have coveted for years & years) and so when a gorgeous lady with a fantastic handbag came in for a visit or meeting, it was to a chorus of "Ooooh!"'s and "Is that a Nancybird??"'s which of course lead to long, gushing, admiration-filled, Nancybird discussions.

Nancy Bird's new range

SO! You can imagine just how beside ourselves we were when Emily (the lovely talented lady behind the label) emailed us, saying she had (ahem) "a small bag & accessories label" and wanted to come in and discuss printing!

We tried very hard to be all cool & professional, the whole time feeling completely starstruck! I mean she is one of our main inspirations! Just look at her!! She's created & runs an successful, independent, designer label!!! (Quick we need another exclamation mark!!!!) Seriously tho, how much to we want to be her when we grow up? About a gazillion. :)

As we have gotten to know her over our many meetings, emails & phonecalls, we have found she is so down-to-earth, super friendly, quite relaxed for someone who runs her own business (trust us, that's a nigh impossible thing to achieve) and is completely unaware of how awesome the rest of the world thinks she is. I've tried to tell her on several occasions, but I don't think she believes me yet.

Oh well, I'll just keep trying.

Nancy Bird's new range

We printed all of Emily's single colour designs in her new seasons range, which you will find in stores this coming Monday! Hooray!

Meanwhile, we can't wait for the release, coz we're totally going to finally get our much coveted, long awaited Nancybird bag! How could we not, as we actually printed with our very own hands some of the material!! It's almost too exciting to bear.

Me, I'm leaning toward the Stitch Bag from her Classic Collection - see below. What do you think?

Nancy Bird's new range

(Luz is too actually, but I figure I can claim it first on the blog. You guys are my witnesses, k?)

xx Teegs


Unknown said...

Oh my! This could be my most favourite collaboration ever! Is it Monday yet? I can't wait that long, I'm so excited, I just love it all!
Sophie x

Jodie said...

Oh Dear Annie will die and go to heaven when she reads this post.
Nancy Bird and the I & S girls together

I think its a perfect collaboration !!

Penny said...

Hooray! Gorgeous bags :)

Danielle said...

Wow that's awesome!! LOVE Nancybird! Can't wait to see all the new seasons range..

Barb Fisher said...

Ooooh exciting. Love Nancybird! I finally got the wallet I have been lusting after for an eternity for Christmas. Now will need to save up for something with your designs on it too!

Little Jane St said...

Oh wow! Too exciting:) I think I will need one of theses bags!!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh i love Nancy Bird, how exciting, gorgeous collaboration. Love Posie

Tali said...

wow, that is amazing ladies!
Nanybird... very covetable!

ellie said...

Yah yah yah..... !!!!!!!!! and then about a million exclamation marks. !!!!! and another yah, just for good measure.

This is super cool news. I'm always overjoyed to see good things happening for you beautiful women. {And just so you know, there's a lot of people out here who want to be you, when they grown up. Imagine being Nancybird & an Inkie girl altogether. ooooohhhh}.

Jorth said...

Lucky lucky girls - I'd adore a Nancybird bag.

And psst, Teegs - next time you come in to work try and catch me, 'kay? My little heart broke when I found out I missed meeting you by *thaaaaaaaat much*!

Lindsay C said...

Those are gorgeous ! Your prints look amazing !

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I have been meaning to stop by this post and say a huge CONGRATS. What fab recognition of your gorgeous textiles. I think it's a match made in heaven.