Monday, September 21, 2009

A Venturesome Weekend - Trentham Farmer's Market

Lara & I headed off last weekend (as those of you who follow us on Twitter will be well aware of - we were a tad excited) for a weekend of respite to Trentham/Daylesford/Kyneton!

We took up the gorgeous Sandy's (see below!) wonderfully generous offer of a bed in her beaut-i-ful home in Trentham with the intention of having a bit of an explore around the district!

We arose early on Saturday morning and headed off toward the Macedon Ranges! Huzzah!

We arrived at the Trentham Farmer's Market, where we found Sandy at her lovely stall...

Bulmin Stall
The gorgeous bouquets and ladies of Blumin, Helen and Sandy!

Blumin display
Fresh from the ladies' gardens...

Bulmin herb bundles
Completely organic and (quite literally) hand picked flowers & herb bouquets - exquisite!!

So after admiring our wonderful host's stall, and moaning a little about the early morning we had all had, Luz & I wandered off to check out the rest of the cute little Market... and promptly spent our entire weekend's allowance :( But so worth it! :)

Here's what we ended up with:
Trentham Farmer's Market produce

Here's where we got it:
Pud For All Seasons - the makers of Traditional Christmas Pudding! And they had a couple of variety's of Dairy Free pud, so we totally bought some for desert - and yep, delish!

Cleopatra Soaps
We all know Luz is a lip balm addict, so she partook of a gorgeous Shea Butter Balm from Cleopatra Soaps

Good Foods
OMG. The best stuff eva. Nut Butters by Goodfoods of Castlemaine.
There were about 15 varieties, all more delicious than the last!
We gorged on the Lemon Dukkah for lunch - I can't recommend it highly enough.. *drool*
Someone needs to stock these here in Melbs! Preferably in Kensington...

I'm sure quite a few of you will know Wildings - such a gorgeous range of delicious, locally made Pantry Essentials!

Bliss Blend
A packet of delicious organic Peppermint & Green Tea from Bliss Blend, for the studio!

Lotus Chai
Then a bottle of gorgeous Lotus Chai concentrate- not syrup! - 30mls + soy milk + microwave = happy screen printers!

Davo's Worm Farm
Then when we thought we were all shopped out, we found Davo's Worm Farm!
I was very excited.
I had mass worm death in the 47 degree heat wave of last summer and so seeing Davo was all the encouragement I needed to get my A in to G and get my farm back in to action! One step closer to sustainable living - I love it!

Trentham Farmers Market
Entry to the Trentham Farmers Market!

Local musician's playing a jaunty tune in the gazebo!

What a great day! And it's only 11am!

xx T


Anonymous said...

Looks fab ladies. Just wondering if you would know how often the market is on?

Cathy said...

great post Teegs! I almost feel like I Have been there myself except I havent got the booty! Great photos!