Friday, September 18, 2009


Yep! It's almost time for our bi-monthly event - The Open Studio!

This time it's super-extra special as we are going to FIN-ally be doing what sooo many people have been bugging, er, asking us to do ever since we began all these shenanigans!

... a demo print run, starting at 11am sharp!

See below!

Ink & Spindle Open Studio 26 Sept 2009

Check out the fan-tab-ulous poster that the Sixto from Too Yeah Media' made for us! What a guy! This is the second time he has donated his time and skillz (yes, that's skillz with a 'z') to making us an Open Studio thingy - so big up's to Mr Sixto - check out his stuff! He's so great!

Oh, and come watch us print! Hooray!

(Warning: if you're in to that kind of thing - and obviously we're not - turns out it's on grand final day, so don't double book!)

xx Teegs


ellie said...

wish i could be there. have a fun, fantabulous day.
love e xxxx
{Selvedge House}

Spin Spin said...

Poster is so great, yay to Sixto! But darn it, can't go, again. Will be there in spirit tho :)

mizu designs said...

No way do I care about the footy but I will be in NSW that weekend :( Ahhhhhh! I hope you have another like this sometime in the future.