Monday, September 21, 2009

The Rest of the Venturesome Weekend!

So we leave Trentham just after 11am, and head in to Daylesford to the Acqua Viva Day Spa where Luz & I indulged in a spot of pampering! We each had a spectacular massage and then an extra long soak in the super-special mineral spring water spa! Omg, it was thoroughly divine! Thank you, Acqua Viva!

Feeling very sleepy, relaxed & zen, we headed back to Daylesford and cruised around, checking out all the lovely old buildings (we love a good bit of old architecture!), then headed down to the Lake. It had rained quite heavily while we were at the spa, but had stopped before we emerged, and everything was glistening & still and had that delicious, fresh, gum tree scent you only get in the bush. We strolled around the lake, quietly watching for blue wrens in the undergrowth, and ducks & dabchicks on the lake.

We also admired this beautiful rundown property sitting right on Lake Daylesford and daydreamed of owning it... sigh!

You get the drift. Zen.

By this stage Sandy had finished up at the market, so we headed back to Trentham to unload our goodies and chill out at Sandy's ace cottage! She and Murray are only mid reno's but already it is so, so lovely! Sandy has got to be one of the most welcoming and warm people I have ever had the pleasure to spend time with, and she made us feel right at home - not to mention her totally lovable dogs: Bree, Keegan & Chocolate! Bree spent the evening sleeping on me. I adore her, wish I had a pic to show!!

Instead, have a sqiz at Sandy's gorgous home:

Sandy's gorgeous home 2

Sandy's gorgeous home

Here are some of Blumin's bouquets! (Anyone else hearing Hyacinth Bucket right now? "It's Bou-quet, dear!")

Blumin's bouquets

So on Sunday morning, after googling real estate in the area (we wish!), Sandy took us to meet & have morning tea with a friend of hers - none other than Queen of Craft, Tonia Todman!

Well, did we have a ball! Tonia is so genuinely lovely and her husband Michael is hilarious! We had a very civilised morning tea, which before long became wine & crackers, such fun!

Morning Tea at Tonia Todman's!

Of course, we couldn't go to the Queen of Craft's home without bringing a small token of appreciation for the audience, :) so we put together a little gift package of fabrics! Tonia seemed a little taken aback and very pleased indeed! She was full of praise and encouraging words, and truly thrilled!! :) Thanks, Tonia!

*edit: love Claire from Matching Pegs' comment - "Tonia Todman is the McGuyver of Craft" - SO TRUE!!

Tonia Todman likes her I&S fabric!

Upon receiving her fabrics, Tonia asked if we'd seen the t-shirt that said "She who dies with the most fabric, wins"? "No," grins I, "I'm in contention, haha!" says she!
I thought I must remember that one, as I know quiiiiite a few fabric hoarders...

Tonia's collection of wood block's

Her home was full of surprising and beautiful things - too many to go in to detail - but this is one set of interesting things. Hand carved woodblocks!

After finally leaving Tonia & Micheal's, we went to the little town of Kyneton and had a wander around admiring more lovely old buildings before heading homeward.

All in all, a truly wonderful weekend, all thanks to the lovely Sandy!

xx Teegs


paolability said...

What a great read! And 8 Leggatt Street is wonderful.

Little Mary Moo said...

What a lovely weekend! Thank you for sharing your bit of Zen. I am a wee bit envious I must say.

Michelle said...

OMG! Tonia Todman!! I am so envious right now! That would have been the highlight of my weekend.

ren said...

How wonderful!! I feel relaxed just reading about it!

When I bought fabric from you at the Craft Show earlier this year you told me off when I commented that it'll 'sit in my stash'.

Anna Bartlett said...

I can't believe how impressed I am that you met Tonia Todman! How lovely!

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

I can't remember who came up with the quote, but when I thinnk of Tonia Todman I alway think...
"Tonia Todman is the McGuyver of Craft"
he he he