Friday, September 25, 2009

Introducing: Selvedge House

You gotta see this, if you haven't already! Check out Selvedge House a brand spankin' new business by Brissy blogger's Ellie & Danielle!

I love the concept behind Selvedge House, here's an excerpt of what Ellie had to say about it:

Selvedge House is our idea of the perfect modern crafting shop.

We dream of a place where people can visit and feel inspired as soon as they enter the door. A place of warmth and sharing, of inspiration and installations, of fabric and texture and laughing.

Where beginners to the contemporary crafting world can feel welcome, and the experienced can enhance their skills, while renewing their crafty love.

How awesome does that sound?? About a ten, I reckon!!

By the way, I just have to mention that I think Ellie is quite possibly the Dave Grohl of the Aussie craft world - he's the nicest guy in rock, she's the nicest gal in craft! And that's saying something coz there are a hell of a lot of nice gals in craft out there!

We love you, Selvedge House!

xx Teegs

1 comment:

ellie said...

Thank you for your lovely words.
I do have to admit that I am totally exactly not the nicest one (maybe I'm good at pretending!).

I so wish we could make it down for your special party day - not to be. Maybe we'll be there for party #2 (or 1.5?).

Enjoy your weekend, - E xxxxx

{ha - my word verification is "humblog". now where do they get them from? I love trying to impose meanings on those basically meaningful words.}