Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thanks and curing

Firstly, a massive thanks to Graeme, my stepdad, for all his ongoing help and direction over the phone, while we have been attacking our floor! He's a total font of knowledge and the best resource we could hope to have! Thanks Graeme!!

So time for a quick update on the floor. Bianca and I checked in on it last night after work and the Boncrete had not quite cured, probably due to the last couple of cold days we've had, so we turned the heater on and sat admiring our hard work for a little while, eating some honey-coated cashews Bi had bought! BTW they're delicious, I highly recommend them.

We're going to do another coat of the Boncrete this arvo, so I'll put more pics up tonight.

Nearly time to paint...

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mel bomba said...

The lovely Diana from sketch just told me the news about this new adventure that you guys are on, how dam exciting for you all and I'm sure you probably have customers already waiting in line.