Sunday, July 27, 2008

A few extra pics

Just a few pics to add to Bi's post - too tired and achy to type... but so elated the sanding is over!

Lara and Bi in our office, doing the last bit of sanding. Those pine boards threw up a heap of really fine dust, and by the end of it, the girls were looking rather gray haired! It was so bad we had to keep the doors closed, hence the terrible photo though the glass.

Industrial vacuuming...

This is a sneak peak at what we expect the boards to look like when we've sealed them.
Pretty, huh? Though they are quite different in colour to the untreated floor, we're quite happy with them!


Kate Moore said...

I love the smell of linseed oil. Hmmmm. Will you oil the floors? There's so much product for floors now. Waxes, oils, plastics, coatings, sealants ... how do you keep up?

little margie said...

Is that a stain on them too, or just a seal? Your studio space looks great! Can't wait to see it finished.

Teegs said...

To Katie, though I also love the smell of the various oils, we're not oiling the floors - that stuff is waaaaay too expensive! Plus we have a huge area and we don't own the building so we're trying to avoid spending too much.
We're actually going a bit unconventional and using a product called Boncrete - it's not intended for wooden floors, but I have used it at home on my bedroom floor with fantastic results - plus it's almost one third of the price of 'proper' wooden floor stuff. I think it's all a bit of a scam actually!
And to Mari, there is no stain on the boards - I took that pic after dampening down a section with simple, old fashioned water! We just wanted to see what it was going to look like with the seal - we're such an impatient bunch!!

Sewing Geek said...

What an amazing task and totally something I would do! I have a house built in 1948 and with all it's quirks I love the potential. I have yet to do my floors but they are wood. I think you may have inspired me! Much good luck to you in this new venture! I wish I lived closer to come visit.