Saturday, July 26, 2008

Studio Prep; End of Week One!

My best mate, Sam, arrived from Darwin via Moe on Friday night (yay!), and so I of course put her straight to work in the studio! It's ok, she didn't mind too much! ;) So Saturday morning saw us begin a frenzy of sanding.

Teegs and Sam dressed in their moonlanding gear, sanding that hardwood floor board by splintery board...

After a few initial mishaps in the form of the sander sheets exploding in a puff of torn paper (or as Brendan delighted in referring to them: "catastrophic failures") Sam and I soon got in to the swing of things and the floor was on it's way. We tag-teamed with Bi and Lara at lunch time and they took over the hard work while we located some eats in Kensi.
Lara and Sam replacing a "catastrophic failure"

The tag-teaming continued throughout the afternoon and into the early evening, though we had to call in Brendan and his brute strength to tackle the floor edging machine - that thing was crazy hard to control, we wouldn't have been able to do it without him! Thanks Bren!!
Lara got in to her groove with the sander, and so we pushed on to complete the entire floor area with the 40 and 80 grade's of paper. So now we're ready for the final, 120 grade paper! Go Team!!

Lara and Bianca replacing yet another sheet of sandpaper

Exhausted and dusty, we said goodbye to Lara then Sam, Brendan, Bianca and I picked up Marcel from work returned home to a delicious meal of spaghetti bolognese (again thanks to Bren!), a glass of Ninth Island Pinot Noir and Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. Thank goodness for small comforts!
A very tiring day, but the results are so totally worth it - the colour of the boards range from a pale blond, to a warm honey, to a pinkish red. Truly beautiful.
Now for a bit of sleep before we head back to the coal face tomorrow :)


Spin Spin said...

Oh, I feel your pain - I've been sanding hardwood (er, just bookshelves - no mammoth expanse of floor for me) in the last few weeks and it's sooo time consuming. And dusty! But they'll look brilliant when done :)

Unknown said...

ha! Hard evidence that i can b constructive! Can't wait 2 c the end result!