Saturday, July 26, 2008

All fixed and back on track

Yesterday we found out that the mysterious hole was indeed above the staircase of the caretakers flat. Yikes! At least we got our safety goggles back that we dropped down ;)

Brendan & Lara cutting new floor boards

Thankfully it's all sorted now. The great sawing skills of Brendan, chiselling skills of Teegs and floor laying skills of Lara fixed it all up. Thanks guys!

Lara laying floor boards

Teegs finishing it off

We're on to sanding the floors now, which I can't really help with unfortunately. It's quite a dusty job and with the masks on, my glasses get fogged up so I can't see... Booo! I will clean up after it's all finished :)

Sanding the floors...don't they look pretty...


Anonymous said...

I just had to scream out another congratulations, and I am so, very excited for you guys!


p/s--love the process pics, and I can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

We (mom and dad of Bi) wish you all the best. We can tell you we know how hard work it is. Keep smiling and the job wil be done.
Dont quit or say it is good enough, only the best is good.
We are sorry we can not help, we have a little time problem (24hr flying).
We hope every one come's to visit you and buy your creatif stuf.
Keep on goiing.