Monday, May 16, 2011

TV love.. made in Melbs!

Tonight people!! It's the premier of Season 2 of Offspring!

We'd normally be pretty excited anyway because it's both of our favourite show & we love playing 'spot the location' as it's shot in our beloved Melbs, but we're UBER EXCITED about it this season because we made some textiles especially for Nina's bed!!

So we have no idea which episode they will appear in, but keep your eyes on Nina's doona & look for Birch & Bonsai in our lovely pale blue Juniper colour (we loved the colour selection - thought it was very Nina) :)

The great thing about the show is they are really keen to use Melbourne based labels, such as the gorgeous and much coveted Nancybird! Emily is one of our favourite customers and an all-round wonderful and inspiring person, so we're super excited that her bags will be featured too...

Offspring season 2 starts tonight at 8:30! So grab a glass of wine and some chocolate ice cream and curl up on that couch under a granny square throw and get yourself a-watching!

xx Lara & Teegs


Suz said...

Tee hee...watching it right now! Love it.

Fer said...

Totally cool. ♥