Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The last month or two around here has been nothing short of insane. We've been juggling so many things there's been no spare head space for blogging, hence the lack of substantial updates - sorry guys!

In between working on our new Inklet range (more soon!) attending Bowerbird Bazaar (which was so much fun, thank you for everyone who came and visited our stall!) and printing for Nancybird, we've also been secretly planning yet another new and exciting range which we'll be launching at the upcoming MARKit Design Market at Fed Square:

We've been starting to tire of our usual market stall range, so at MARKit we're going to turn our collection on it's head and do something kind of crazy and the opposite to usual. We think you'll love it! More soon!


P.S. - you might have noticed that our online shop is looking seriously sparse of late! That's because we've been having some huge basecloth supply issues and haven't been able to print a lot of our fabrics. But don't despair - the full range should be back in stock in about 4 weeks! Thanks for being patient! xx

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