Wednesday, May 18, 2011

URGENT - help save our building

The Younghusband Wool Store - Photo by Angus Booker

Most of you probably know that we are incredibly lucky to have our studio within the gorgeous Younghusband Wool Store building in Kensington.

But our building is under threat and we require your URGENT action! The owners of the Younghusband building are asking the City of Melbourne to rezone the site so that they can erect 12, 8 and 7-story residential towers.

This development will destroy the small business and cultural hub that has emerged over the last few years, leaving artists, designers and other creative small businesses without studio and office space.

Please submit your objection by tomorrow Thursday 19th of May at the LATEST.

Here is an objection letter template:

Dear Robyn Hellman,

I object to proposal C177 because…….. [whatever your objection is] and it would affect me as follows: ………. [however you think it will affect you], [indicate what changes you would like, as in height reduction or reduction of apartments].

Yours sincerely, [your name, address]

Email objections to: by Thursday 19th May.

Thanks so much everyone!!

xx Lara, Teegs and the folk of Kensington


JoeyNomad said...

just reblogged this - you should also tweet the link! the craft community to the rescue!!!

gen said...

I have sent mine in, citing parking issues, traffic issues AND the destruction of the local village atmosphere among other things.

A very important message, and one I hope lots of people support.

Thinking of you lovely ladies, (including bella!)

gen said...

PS - going to link to facebook to spread the word ;)

Tali said...

and sent! good luck guys! :(

Unknown said...

Bloody developers! It's all about money and having everything the same shade of beige! Wishing you all the best with saving that beautiful building, I'm sure you've got loads of support... I'll send off an email to them.

Fer said...

That's just not fair. Have you thought about starting an on-line petition as well?