Monday, May 17, 2010

Megan the Welsh Intern! [looking for work!]

Okay so I've been meaning to blog this for ages but Stitches got in the way (which Teegs will blog about SOON - I even put a sticky note on her monitor this morning commanding her to do so!).

Let me introduce you to Megan, our intern all the way from Wales who came and helped us out in the lead up to the Stitches Show!

Stitches & Craft Show Prep
Megan our intern - she's looking for work!

Well granted she didn't come all the way from Wales just to work for us, but she's here for a year, is actually half Australian (so can legally work here) and she's LOOKING FOR WORK!

During the time she was here, Megan was fantastic. Super capable & hard working, had initiative, learned quickly, produced great work, and didn't need me hovering over here telling her what to do all the time.

Megan's basically looking for some paid work doing anything hands on or creative. She has a background in textiles & print making (studied Contemporary Textile Practice in Wales) but is open to anything. So if you need an extra pair of hands around your studio (even just one or two days a week) drop Megan an email :) meganaliceengland[at]

Yay :)


Andi said...

Good luck Megan.
You come with great references!!!

Thea said...

Does she want to move to Brisbane? It's lovely and warm here.