Monday, May 17, 2010

Stitches & Craft Melbs

We LOVE going to Stitches! It was so awesome!!

The Stitches & Craft Show is overflowing with the most lovely, amazing & inspirational women and we feel very lucky & thankful to be able to spend such fun times hanging out with them! LOVE!!

And the other aspect of Stitches we love is getting to meet heaps of you guys! Thanks to everyone who came and introduced yourselves, you make our day!!

Check out some pics we snapped of just some of the talent!

S&C Show Melbourne
Our lovely, big, corner stall! Note the little projected screen on which we ran our video.
Also note the Tamarillo Quilt!! We launched the quilt kit at the show and it was well received - stay tuned for when we release it in our shop!

S&C Show Melbourne
The view from our stall.. in one direction at least! If you look closely Blue Ginger (#gingerpride!), Banshee & Edwina are all knitting in a row (they did this for the entire show)

S&C Show Melbourne
Kristen Doran Design, with the lovely lady herself & Lisa from The Red Thread - we love you K.Diddy!! (Kristen implemented an imaginary swear jar for Lara while she was down) (I lol)

S&C Show Melbourne
BANSHEEEEEEEEE! Kate has hand dyed some silk/wool skeins using walnuts - from her backyard, people!! She's so amazing. I made her pose like this for the photo. Didn't take much encouragement ;)

S&C Show Melbourne
Edwina was opposite us and we had half yelled conversations at each other, over our knitting, for the duration of the show. It was hilarious! We did get the odd weird look from the occasional patron tho...

S&C Show Melbourne
Dearest, lovely Nic of Yardage Girl (#gingerpride!!) Lara bought one of Nic's framed Tram Roll Menu panels which now graces the wall of her little kitchen!

S&C Show Melbourne
The Ric Rac-ians... a likely looking trio!

S&C Show Melbourne
And of course, Winterwood! Check out those dragons!!

There were tons of other awesome peeps at the show, but we were remiss in getting pictures! A couple of noteworthy lovelies that I haven't got pics of this time round: the very divine Julie (#gingerpride!!), the lady behind Juicy Roo (plus Juicy's wonderful mum, Mazzy!).

The sweet Holly (who is so close to being a ginger, I'm claiming her. #gingerpride). She made Lara & I a little felt Mario 'shroom keyring each, as a present, just coz she's so brill! I asked for the 1up (that's the green one), & Holly made Luz the traditional red Toad! Now every time we get our keys out we start singing the theme song! THANK YOU, HOLLYYYYYYYYY! LOVE!!

Oh, surprise, I got a little off topic.. ahem!

The hilarious & beautiful Caitlin of Pippijoe was there! Liesl of Hoppo Bumpo was helping Pippi out & running some classes AND she totally made me a shower cap coz I really wanted one, but complained about having to make it myself (I know, how lazy am I?) - IT'S RAD. You should buy a kit. LOVE!!

A new friend, Jacqui of Reissued, you'll be seeing some more of her amazing work soooon! Perhaps even in collaboration with us...

The wonderful & full-of-life Michelle aka Crayon Chick WHO IS SO FREAKING COOL! She let's me steal her letter badges to spell hilarious/naughty acronyms on my exhibitors tag - we changed it every day, to suit the mood. We went from CBF (day after set up. I was tired.), to HRH (Michelle's suggestion, bless her, and very fitting due to my princess-y nature) for the last two days :) K.Diddy suggested OCD. We didn't think it was appropriate.

Here were so many other rad peeps there, but this post is probably long enough.

xx Teegs

P.S. there you are, Luz, I do as you command ;P


yardage girl said...

What a brill post and thanks for your kind words and pic! It was indeed a great, gingery time! Nic x

Fer said...

Sounded like a hoot! I presume you sold stuff too. (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Annie said...

Great wrap! Very chuffed to get a look in!

ozjane said...

So sorry to miss all you folk that I so enjoyed seeing last year.
It was a real pain having the ACQ so close and Stitches and Craft not being clearly advertised
We were even warned to check before going that it was actually on....such a shame because had I realized this was replacing the Show Grounds last year....which I loved as a venue...nice and handy for me and easy access for us disabled bodies....but am feeling so sad now to have missed you. Not that I have yet made up last years fabric.
I feel the need for a scrap bag..LOL.

Kate said...

Nice wrap up! Thanks for the nice words and I am so glad you like the yarn.

Unknown said...

Wow, awesome! I am so looking forward to getting to this show next year - I am making it my target: emigration before the next S&C.... !! I shall miss the UKs Knitting and Stitching shows which are not unlike the S&C.

Janice Phillips said...

Omg, reasons 23-37 why I would love to live in Australia!!