Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sew It Together!

We had a whirlwind visit on Friday last, from Sew it Together!

Organised by the super lovely
Sheridan, a crew of wonderful, mostly interstate ladies descended on our studio for an hour. We did a little print demo for the gang, or rather, Lara & Lou did the print demo, I did the talking- oh, I mean explaining.

Here's some pics from the aforementioned lovely Sheridan:

See? Explaining... Everybody has their polite listening faces on ;)

Lou & Lara do the uber important First Print. Look at them concentrate. No pressure, ladies!! It's not like you've got 20 pairs of eyes watching your every move, or anything...

Now they smile! In relief, as the print run worked as it was meant to. Not that we were worried... Ahem! Aren't they pretty when they smile?

Chocolate Birch! And no, before you email me, we're not selling it anymore, sorry everyone!! It was a custom job.

Me & Luz. Dazed, much? We're not used to so much stimulus, particularly not last thing on a Friday arvo!! (After everyone left, we sat down, had a cup of tea & went home.)

Umm... one other thing I have to mention. They were all bloggers. Bloggers with cameras. Cameras that had flashes. In a confined space. Taking 5 thousand photo's of us as we talked/printed. IT.WAS.WEIRD. And distracting. And weird.

But more than anything, it was ace to meet a bunch of rad, crafty ladies & put faces to names, etc! Hope you all come back to visit soon!!

xx Teegs


Purple Paisley Patch said...

Hey Lars & Teegs, It was great to see you lovely ladies again, and to finally meet the famous Bella - what a sweetie!
Your studio is awesome, I had to keep my hands in my pockets so I didn't run away with all your gorgeous fabric.
Thanks so much for inviting us to visit and for giving us a demo, it was ace.
Are you sure we can't buy some chocolate birch? ;-)
Kelly :-)

Fer said...

So wish I could've been there! Do you look back on the last couple of years and think "wow, this is the best decision I've ever made!"? Or are you too busy to think of these things! ;)

PS. I'd love some more choc birch too!

Sheridan said...

Thank you so much for having us!!! It was definitely the highlight of the Friday for lots of us who really enjoyed the opportunity to see you do what you do.

We really appreciated the warm welcome. A great success. Thanks girls.

Lisa said...

Thank you for letting us visit, definitely the highlight of my trip to Melbourne. I was tempted to round up a few ladies and run off with the chocolate birch. Oh and I'll never be able to see Faux Duck & Chicken in the same way again without its "proper" name! Thanks for a fantastic Friday.

Ink and Spindle said...

Thanks Kelly! She really is such a sweetie, isn't she?? I wish we'd had more time with you all - we didn't get to know who was from which blog!

Sorry Fer, no Choc Birch for you!! ;) Yes we do sometimes sit back & just think "wow." It's all a bit overwhelming!!

Our pleasure, Sheridan, we're so glad you all enjoyed coming to the studio! thank you so much for organising it :) it was lovely to meet you IRL

xx Teegs

melissa said...

Maybe if we all ask nicely for some yummy Chocolate Birch?

Looks like they had a great visit. :D

Anonymous said...

Those screens are gorgeous and your workspace is so tidy!!! Certainly not like mine at uni... :) loving the prints... and the blog. :D

Patternista said...

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Keep up the beautiful work! Becky