Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Melanie Bower Autumn/Winter '10

As you probably already know, we don't just print our own designs here at I&S HQ, but also those from a bunch of local designer geniuses!

And as for local, it doesn't get much more so than the expert fashion designer Melanie Bower!

Mel's studio resides in our much beloved (& rather rabbit warren-esque) Younghusband building, down some stairs, out the door, along the cobblestone alley, behind a massive, old, hardwood, warehouse sliding door!

Mel is quite an amazing designer, and got us to print easily the most complicated & technical (& terrifying) design we've yet to (or ever hope to) print! But aside from our ongoing & underlying terror that she will come up with something like this again, the finished garments are utterly amazing! :)

The dresses are opaque black prints on silk georgette - see a sneak peak from her Autumn/Winter '10 collection:

Melanie Bower Autumn/Winter '10 Collection

Melanie Bower Autumn/Winter '10 Collection

Melanie Bower Autumn/Winter '10 Collection

Melanie Bower Autumn/Winter '10 Collection

Aren't the photographs beautiful too? They're by Sam Stewart of Middlegrey. Another fantastic Younghusband resident!

Mel's amazing garments are available at Alice Euphemia located in the Nicholas Building in the City (that's the City of Melbourne, sorry non-melbs peeps).

In another treat for Melbournians - you can also see Mel's work in an exhibition on at 1000 Pound Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale St, for 2 weeks from tomorrow! Go! Supporting local talent is awesome! ;)

As is Mel.

xx Teegs


ozjane said...

I started and I lost you.....
Fabbo stuff and suitably envy producing body on model.
Congratulations all round.

ellie said...

Every time you mention another artist, designer, maker in your building my envy grows. I do wish we had more of that here in Bris....
How wonderful to be able to print something like that - to stretch into the scary and terrifying, and for it to happily work out!

Melissa G said...

Ooh — I like, very much so! Both the outfit and the model are quite reminescent of the "Firefly" series, particularly the character Riva.

Clarissa said...

i love :D


Anonymous said...

Oh I love it, I saw this being printed and its really amazing to see it as a garment... beautiful work Melanie and Ink and Spindle.

Anonymous said...

I thought that the model looked just like River too (from Firefly/Serenity)! Especially in the 3rd picture. The actress' name is Summer Glau. Here's a great pic to see the similarity ~