Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Earth Day Giveaway Winner!

Drumroll please...

and the winner is...

Comment number 270, Sally from Alaska!

Congratulations, Sally!! You get to select your favourite 4 pieces from our new Tamarillo Collection.

Sally's suggestion was simply "upholstery weight!" Well good news for Sally, & all the other suggestions that we produce an upholstery weight - our Tamarillo Collection is available in two weights: a lighter weight 180gsm, and a lovely 360gsm upholstery weight! Hooray!

We may even have plans to develop our upholstery range further.. stay tuned..

Now, we were rather overwhelmed by the fabulous response from all of you so we decided to pick a couple of runners up as well!

Each runner up will receive a fabric bundle!

and the runners up are...

Congrats to Gloria (side note: hi-five for being a Scorpio!), Jenni & Fwdmotion!

Ladies, please email us to claim your prizes :)


xx Teegs

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