Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A few cool things to share!

Hope everyone had a lovely, restful, chocolate-filled long weekend! We sure did :)

Highlights had to be the easter egg hunt Luz organised on Thursday morn, for everyone in the whole building. We have a rather large building, so people kept finding eggs all weekend! It was great - even tho we're all (supposedly) adults, everyone was running around like we were 7 years old!! (The awesomest thing was, that even tho they were all yucky milk chocolate, Luz bought me a special dark chocolate bunny so I could trade in all my hunted eggs & still share in the joy! Isn't she the best?? Awwwwh..) It was fun as!

In fact, it was so much fun that Luz & I (thanks to my cousin & husband) had another egg hunt & picnic in the park on Sunday! However the eggs were all again depressingly filled with cow product so they were donated to the studio arvo tea's! (i.e, to our wonderful neighbour Yong who comes in always, always looking for "something sweet" at 3pm.)

Anyhoo! I wanted to share with you a few really ace things that have come to our inbox over the last little while :)

The very lovely Kristen of KLT Works did a little post in which she was kind enough to mention us!

This really clever little bedside organiser from Sasha of Faint Impressions:

Bedside Organiser-Linen

This GORGEOUS quilt - only a sneak peak at the moment! - (I'm dying to see this one finished) by none other than the uber-talented Kate of One Flew Over:

One Flew Over Quilt Sneak Peak!

And you remember Erika? Well she has another project in the works and with some offcuts, she made her cutie-pie little ones, headbands!

We present you with Their Highnesses, The Scandinavian Wood Princes :)

Erika's Scandinavian Wood Princes
How utterly adorable are they??

Thanks ladies! You sure do know how to make a couple of gals feel loved :)

xx Teegs


One Flew Over said...

Gald you like the sneeky girls xx

JoeyNomad said...

Yay for Kate and her quilts of awesome!