Monday, March 22, 2010


tamarillo collection
Introducing - the Tamarillo collection!!

It's here!!! Finally! We are super excited and proud to announce our VERY FIRST COLLECTION!

tamarillo collection
Tamarillo - cushions & lamps

It's been such a long time coming - lots of plotting, planning, designing, printing, sewing, making, photographing. And we're sooo happy with how it's come together!

tamarillo collection
Tamarillo - fabric bolts in canvas and light weight

The range is available as meterage in our shop right now, in both lightweight and canvas weight. Most excitingly, the basecloth is a GOTS certified, fair trade and organic cotton, and the red basecloth is herbally dyed using madder root. How awesome is that!?

IMG_6420 copy
Tamarillo - cushions!

Cushions and lamps will be available for sale at our open studios and market stalls, and we'll also be offering them wholesale.

tamarillo collection
Tamarillo - floor cushion!

Head over to our shop now! There's only very limited quantities of each fabric available until we print more, so if you like one snap it up!


jess - shelf / life said...

ooh! they look great! love the cushions :)

shelf / life

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Beautiful !!!I love the birds - may have to get some to add to my stash.

Fer said...

Oh my, what a happy looking collection!

Hot Fudge said...

I can understand your excitement - what a stunning range!

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Just beautiful, what wonderful colour!

patricia zapata said...

The look wonderful! Congratulations!

One Flew Over said...

As always, sensational!!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully done ladies xxx

Danielle said...

Beautiful collection - those colours work so well together :)

mizu designs said...

Congratulations on the new collection! How gorgeous is that? Lovely colours and designs and they all work so well together. Yay!

Anna Lloyd said...

I love the colours! Some of my favourites at the moment... I have a photo of red cliffs in Broome, WA against a blue sky which I have been thinking about basing a room colour scheme on!

yardage girl said...

Congrats - it looks just brill! Nic xx

Nancy said...

These are absolutely gorgeous--you must be so excited & proud!

Anonymous said...

Your fabrics get more gorgeous every time I visit this blog. Beautiful.

Sequana said...

This collection is SO beautiful! I love the color from the madder root.

I may need to wait for the next printing, but I'll surely be having some of this.

Michelle said...

Oh girls! It's lovely! Love the orangey earthy goodness of it. Ironically I'm allergic to tamarillos! I don't think I'll be allergic to your fabric though. Love it.

bkhdesign said...

Hi Girls,
How are you all? Love your new fabric range.
Are you coming to Sydney for April S/C Show?
see you

sanjeet said...

love the birds - may have to get some to add to my stash.
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Caitlin said...

These are so lovely! Looking forward to adding them to the shop soon. Just in time for spring. :-)

Unknown said...

ohhh. How so yummy is this collection!!! Mmm all the thoughts and ideas on the use for this fabric. It's a shame my splashback just arrived. Would building regulations allow fabric behind glass behind a gas cooker???

Nicole (Mookah)