Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little Harvest Softies Workshop - Giveaway!

little harvest giveaway
Win a Softies and Screenprinting workshop pass!

We have two pieces of super duper exciting news. The first is that Little Harvest (the lovely ladies teaching screen printing workshops in our studio) are also conducting a Softies and Screenprinting workshop and are giving away a free spot in the next class!! If you want to go into the running, go here!

little harvest softies
Softies and Screenprinting class with Little Harvest

little harvest softies
Softies and Screenprinting class with Little Harvest

The other bit of exciting news is that Little Harvest are now our permanent studio mates here at the Ink & Spindle studio!! Yup, they moved all their gear in a week or so ago and the studio is already looking so much more exciting, vibrant and creative due to their presence! It's so nice to have some extra creative ladies sharing our space. Even though they're here mostly when we're not and we're like ships passing in the night ;)

A quick funny story:

Lara C (me) & Lara D (harvest) were talking on the phone the other day and the conversation went like this:

Lara C: "It's just so great to have new shelving in the studio and now everything has a home!"
Lara D: "Yeah I come from a very organised family. My mum's a librarian."
Lara C: "OMG, my mum is a librarian too! What does your dad do??"
Lara D: "My dad's a mathematician."
Lara C: "OMG my dad's a mathematician too!"
Lara D: "Yeah he does statistics type stuff."
Lara C: "Yeah he does! How did you know that?"
Lara D: "No i mean my dad does statistics."
Lara C: "No way! My dad does statistics stuff too!!"

I mean what are the chances! (insert "your statistician fathers could tell you that" joke here). Not only do we share the same name but our parents share exactly the same occupations. Crazy.

xx Lara

(Teegs Edit: Also, two Lara's = confusing for me.)


Unknown said...

That is pretty freaky.

sooz said...

Very freaky and funny. Hope to make a visit and see you all next week!

Irene MissyMinzy said...

wow. what a coincidence!

Rabbit and the Duck said...

Those softies are gorgeous! And you girls crack me up : )

melissa said...

That's a pretty cool coincidence!

Anonymous said...

Aha!! - your comment about our parents is so funny!! Did your family have a very organised fridge?! From Lara D's sister

Lara said...

Hehe, they did have a very organised fridge! They'd have the whole week's eating planned ahead, with precisely the correct amount of veggies etc required. In fact, they still do :)

obscura said...

looks like you have found your doppelganger

Anonymous said...

Thanks Teegs and Lara for welcoming the Harvest team into your studio.
And congrats to Melissa Egan who won the prize! x Lara .D