Thursday, February 4, 2010

a little help??

Hi everyone, hope you've had a good and productive January! This year is off to a good start methinks :)

Anyway over here at I&S we need a little help - we're looking for a new person to make cushions for us! The lovely Meg who was helping us before is off on some lengthy travels, so we need someone new. And soon!

cushions for the shop - ginkgo, birch and lace fans

We provide fronts and backs ready cut and we even have a tutorial for how we like the zips done (unless you have a better way), all you need to bring is a bit of enthusiasm :)

Just drop us an email if you're interested (, we'd much appreciate it!!

UPDATE: We've already received lots of emails and found someone suitable. Thanks anyway everyone!

P.S. - thanks everyone for voting for us in The Poppies!! Results to be announced soon but we were up near the top!!

1 comment:

ambette said...

I'd think about it, only I don't have an overlocker or an invisible zipper foot... Sorry! Hope you find someone!