Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Ceres Eco House!

Hey guess what?? Ink & Spindle has been collaborating with CERES! If you're in Melbourne you've most likely visited or heard of CERES (hell, it even made it into the Stuff White People Like in Melbourne list, which suits us just fine since there's plenty of Bonsoy and Lucas' Papaw Ointment floating around here).

Anyway, CERES have just finished renovating and refurbishing their Eco House, which has been set up to educate people in retrofitting older homes to be sustainable, affordable and appealing.

The Ceres eco house
The Ceres Eco House

Ink & Spindle was invited to display some cushions & lamps in the house alongside blinds by Cloth and furniture by Living Edge. They had their first seminar on Wednesday night and Teegs gave a fantastic talk about the unsustainable nature of the traditional textile industry and what Ink & Spindle is doing to provide a sustainable alternative.

The Ceres eco house
The Ceres Eco House living area

A hefty storm was brewing as we were leaving so we took this pic:

ink & spindle visits Ceres
Ceres windmill and a storm a-brewing




Juicy Roo said...

I love that couch! And how great does your fabric look alongside the CLOTH fabric?! A perfect union :)

Fer said...

Is that Ceres, as in up the back of Geelong Ceres? If so I know the area well, and would be a great place to showcase such a house. Well done!!

mizu designs said...

Hi Fer - no, this CERES is in East Brunswick in inner city Melbourne. Right near where I live :)

Great work I&S for doing that talk about the textile industry and what your business is trying to do.

Anonymous said...

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Trace Willans said...

Lucas Pawpaw ointment is a petroleum based product.