Monday, February 8, 2010

bolt of cloth

I love it when we sent bolts of fabrics interstate and overseas, and I love it even more when our wholesale customers choose lovely fabric combination that just go so well together. Like these two below:

fabrics for Utopian Creations
Fabrics off to Utopian Creations in Adelaide

fabrics for Bolt Of Cloth
Fabrics off to Bolt of Cloth in Christchurch

xx Lara.

P.S. - check out our new unbleached organic cotton/hemp fabric in the top picture. It's slightly lighter in colour than our cotton linen and we're going to completely switch over to this basecloth soon. Then we'll have a 100% organic range of textiles - yay!!


Danielle said...

Those fabrics look awesome together!

Kitchen fitter in Faversham said...

really really beautiful fabrics