Friday, December 11, 2009

Gift Vouchers!!

We get so much pleasure out of making it really hard for you to choose a fabric from our ever widening selection. Well actually we don't, but we do understand that it can be super hard, especially if choosing for a friend and/or loved one.

And we also know how easy it can be to leave gift buying to the last minute. We're only just starting to wrap our heads around the whole impending Christmas thing ;)

So anyway, we finally pulled our fingers out and made gift vouchers!!

We've got three different types for now $20, $50 and $100, and once you've ordered we send you a cute little PDF that you can print and fill out. A la:

Ink & Spindle does gift vouchers...

Find gift vouchers in the shop over 'ere.

Yay :)

xx Lara.

1 comment:

Penny said...

Oooh! You ladies have the bestest ideas!