Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cushion covers and some DSLR love

cushions for the shop - ginkgo, birch and lace fans
45cm cushions in Ginkgo, Birch and Lace Fans. Pretty!

This morning saw me in the Younghusband Building bright and early, dragging our coffee table and armfuls of cushions down to our neighbours' studio. Not only do they have a perfect spot for a photo shoot (a nice plain wall facing onto loads of natural light), but they also have a DSLR that I was allowed to borrow - yay!

And oh my god, it was so much fun. I do love my little Canon G10, but it's nothing compared to a DSLR with a 50mm lens and playing with a shallow depth of field.

lace fans cushions
Lace Fans in Olive cushion cover

wrens cushions
Wrens in Inky Blue cushion cover

birch cushions
Birch in Robins Egg cushion cover

gold birch cushions
Birch in Gold cushion cover

Anyway I've just put these lovelies up in the shop if you're interested! They're sold without inserts (because inserts are a bugger to post) but if you're local you're welcome to collect some from our studio!




Snooze said...

Not that your fabrics aren't always the bomb ... and the cushions are as gorgeous as always ... but isn't a 50mm on a DSLR just that little bit closer to heaven. Mine never leaves my camera.

Heids said...

Those cushions look fabulous, and tempted as I am to be lazy and just buy some from the shop I think I'd better use up some of my stash of I&S fabrics to make myself some!

Unknown said...

Hi girls!
The photos look AWESOME! So so beautiful. Hope you are all recovered from the MDM, I heart Melbourne and Ink & Spindle forever. Keep up the good work xo

Cally said...

Beautiful covers but too expensive for me :(

Alex said...

I'm loving the cushion covers, they would look just fabulous in my bedroom.
I should probably start hinting people things that I want for Christmas... :p

ozjane said...

Oh I love those cushion covers....but am I willing to derail the fabric I purchased for bags.........maybe I just buy more fabric......

Anonymous said...

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