Thursday, August 6, 2009

Handmade in Melbourne

handmade in melbourne 2009

We're totally chuffed to be included in this year's Handmade in Melbourne book! Just like the Melbourne Design Guide it was not that long ago that we were simply admiring the book and it's artisans from afar and didn't think we could actually be included in it.

But this year Ink & Spindle is there between the pages! I do think that the 2008 edition was better - professional photography and writing really makes a book like this and being asked to submit our own was somewhat disappointing. Plus there was a typo when our text was edited to say that it was me who became a secondary school teacher rather than Teegs. But still, I can't complain.

handmade in melbourne 2009
Ink & Spindle's page

handmade in melbourne 2009

And of course there was the launch. Where Penny, Caitlin, Bee and I enjoyed the free wine and finger food (a little too much?) and listened to speeches by Stephen Kent and John Brumby who went on and on about ideas and innovation whilst we giggled and chattered and were told to shush.

handmade in melbourne 2009 launch
Me, Caitlin, Penny and her lovely man Chris

handmade in melbourne 2009 launch
Stephen Kent talks, lady in foreground tells us to shut up numerous times

Fun fun! Now to actually sit down and read everyone else's pages!


Annie said...

Congratulations girls - you had a dream and you went for it, I admire that so much.

Cathy said...

well done girls - you should be so proud of yourselves! Can't wait to check it out.

I think we are neighbours in Sydney!!Can't wait to catch up again.