Saturday, August 15, 2009

two become three and fly to sydney

Find Ink & Spindle at the Stitches & Craft Show in the incubator area!
19-23 August
Rosehill Racecourse
Level 4
Stand 174-175

She's back, yay!!! All is right with the world as Teegs returns from her whirlwind South East Asia trip and our two becomes three again! I'm sure Teegs will tell you all about it once she's allowed near the blog again (currently she's chained to the email) but for now we're happy to be back to functioning at full capacity like a well oiled machine. It does kinda feel like that which is very cool.

Needless to say we've been run off our feet preparing for the Stitches & Craft Sydney show! This time we weren't allowed to leave everything to the last minute because we got our stock paletted & freighted up this time! Wow we're totally seasoned craft carnies now. And probably looked like total dorks as we took these photos!

palletizing the Ink & Spindle wares
Ink & Spindle gets palletized- see our tree is coming with us!

palletizing the Ink & Spindle wares
Ink & Spindle gets shrinkwrapped, lara displays poor posture as usual

And because those photos were so damn ugly, here's some pretty pics of fabric to soothe your eyes:

latest fabric stack

the fruits of our labour
Lara's stack o' fabrics


Hope to see you at the show!!

xx Lara.


Teegs said...

Nawwwww! So sweet! I love you two, too.

Anonymous said...

Pallettized Craft Carnie's with bad posture!? anyway, all the best with the show!!

Heids said...

Craft show carnies - love it. Hope you have a fun and successful week.

Amy Badskirt said...

I get to see the tree in person! And meet you guys as well. A double treat.