Monday, August 17, 2009

We're OUT!

See y'all in Sydney at S&C!

We CAN'T WAIT to see all our fav indie, Incubatorians tomorrow!

Not to mention the super-supportive Stitches & Craft peeps - big ups to Angela & Ross for including us this year! We have had (and are still having) the best time at the Shows and I personally can't wait to hang out in Sydney for a bit... I'm ashamed to admit I've never spent any time there as a (semi) grown up - outside the airport, that is! And I'm even from NSW originally!! Poor form, I know.

Aaaaaaanyhoo, Larz & I are flying up tomorrow morning first thing (thanks to Yong, our bestest neighbour ever who's taking us to the airport - what a guy!) and are being reunited with the lovely Miss Bianca van M. on Wednesday night - Yay!

We've got a big ol' apartment booked and are staying with Sandra (Winterwood), Bek (One Small Room) & Kate (Little Bird), too! It's gonna be great!

The best thing is, that I put my hand up to be chef, so everyone's lucky enough to be a delicious vegan for a week! I'm hoping for 5 new converts by the end of it all ;)

K, time to go! See you there!!

xx Teegs

P.S. Wow! 4 posts in 3 days - think that's a record for us!!


Cathy said...

can we come for dinner too - I have no idea what you would do for a vegan dinner.

Can't wait to see you guys - you are so much fun. See you tomorrow.

Prue said...

Hi, I visited your stall today (and bought stuff!) and just wanted to let you know that I love your fabric designs. Great work! Your stall was one of the specific things I planned to go to today and I wasn't disappointed!

a good yarn said...

Delighted to see you at the show Girls! It's a fab stand - love the tree - and all the wonderful fabrics. Hope you have plenty of sales. Ann :)

Xena said...

I came by today (the tie skirt girl).Lovely to meet you.

Kate Knott said...

Hello all,

I came by your stall today and chatted briefly to Lara (I was the animator) - just wanted to say how much I love your fabrics; even though I didn't buy any, I REALLY wanted to, and I have bookmarked this website for future reference. Good luck with your fabulous fabric adventure, and have a great final day at the stitches and craft show tomorrow...


ambette said...

I've only just discovered Ink & Spindle - I love love love your fabrics! They're just what I've been looking for. Can't wait to buy some!

Unknown said...

"See you" soon :-)