Sunday, August 16, 2009

A gift for us?! You shouldn't have...

So, as you can imagine, this last week or so has been pretty full on with all our preps for the ever exciting Sydney Stitches & Craft Show!

But amidst all the busy-last-minutey-type-stuff, we received an exciting surprise in the mail from one of our fabric suppliers, as a thank you for recommending them!

ink & spindle lipbalms
Made especially for us! This gives you an idea of what they look like the whole way around.

We thought a) how utterly lovely b) how did they know we (Lara) were lip balm addicts and c) that's a bit random!

Needless to say, it made our day! Who doesn't love a little pressie now and then?

ink & spindle lipbalms
Check out the Birch background & the little inverse Blue Wrens on the lid! Someone obviously went to a lot of trouble to make us these!

They came in Sweet Orange, Strawberry & Lemongrass flavours - and are made of all sorts of yummy ingredients. They were so close to being vegan too, (which would have been just too much excitement) but unfortunately for me they have beeswax in them, so Bee & Larz get to share the three between them :)

I'm still rather impressed by the whole thing though! Yay for custom made lip balms!

xx T


Susan said...

Lemongrass lip balm!! Oh that sounds so good.
Did they happen have who made them written on them?

a good yarn said...

I've just discovered you and see that you will be at the S&C Show this week. Whoo-hoo. Can't wait to check out the goddies at your stall.

PretaPawte said...

thats classic. a lovely surprise. enjoy sydney. i wish i was there

Penny said...