Friday, August 22, 2008

packed to the rafters

I'm supposed to be in bed right now, after such a hectic day but I thought I'd share it with you first.

It started this morning at 7.45am when Teegs dropped their cat off at our place because they were doing their big house move to an absolutely drop dead gorgeous victorian cottage in Kensington. The cat decided that we had slept enough for the night so pretty much kept us awake until we got up at 9am (lucky me for not working on Thursdays & Fridays).

I met up with Lara at the paint shop in Yarraville at 11am to find a paint colour for our feature wall. The couple at the paint shop were so cute, and very helpful and we walked out of the door with a nice warm aubergine colour...why not?

On our way to the studio we stopped at Teegs' new place to drop off some 'move stuff' and then we decided it was time for our big trip to Ikea. Lara & I made the long drive across the city and went shopping...some good shopping :)
We bought our desks, expedits, drawer cabinets, bins, glasses, lamps and some other little nick nacks.

Next step...fitting it all in an average sized sedan...I can tell you that we did it! It all went in and this is what it looked like:

It was so funny, it took us a while to fit it all in...moving some seats here and there and in the end we could close the boot. When I finally got in the car, squeezing myself in the front seat...I had forgotten to close the back door... :( so then I had to do the story all over again, squeezing out of the seat, closing the door..etc etc. you get it.

That was the fun part, the hard part was yet to come. I was seriously enjoying the relaxing ride back to the studio because I knew what was going to come.
The two of us carried everything up to the 2nd level...everything! After that we were crazy enough to get the paint out and put the first coat of paint on our feature wall. Sorry there's no picture of that yet, because it definitely needs a second coat before it is back with that tomorrow.


Cindy said...

Aubergine, my favourite. I am off to Ikea on Tuesday to see how much I too can cram in my car. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Unknown said...

Ikea, the 7th circle of hell, but yet still a peverse pleasure.
Your studio's looking good.... I'm jealous!