Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another week gone...

So as Bi said in the last post, we've been busy doing non-diy work, and its still happening! So we don't have any new pics to show you - sorry!
What we have been up to has still been pretty exciting - Bi and Lara are working on their fab new collaberation and I have been busy with my senior fashion design students!
Our school took part in the Myer Fashion Awards Australia last friday and much to our delight, five of our students took home individual awards, AND then we won the School's Cup - which means we got the title of Best Fashion Design School in Aust! So as you can imagine my two colleagues and I were totally excited, proud and exhausted.
So in short - busy, busy.
On Ink & Spindle news, our printing table is being delivered this week, so we promise more news and pics in the next few days! Stay tuned...

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Simmone said...

Yay Teegs way to go!!! Looks like everything is coming together, desk is massive, can't wait to see the fabulous results.
Loves ya Simm xx