Sunday, August 10, 2008

behind the scenes

I hope you're not thinking that we've dropped off the earth, because it has been quiet for such a long time...BUT we have been busy, trust us ;)

Even thought the painting is on hold, sort of, we have been busy with lots of paperwork and financial projections etc.

Real business stuff, things that we need to have ready to make this fun and exciting venture a success.

On Saturday we did a little bit of painting and cleaning but forgot to take photos, sorry. It's going to look really nice, we're definitely liking the pale green much better than the electric blue.

This week we're pretty busy with our own projects. Teegs will be getting herself and her students ready for the fashion show and Lara and I are busy with an exciting collaboration...and of course it's just really cold and we'd rather stay at home with our heater and hot water bottles ;)

We'll be back with more DIY pics pictures of financial statements and business plans aren't all that exciting for some...

In the meantime, if you're interested in renting a studio space in our fantastic building get in touch with Laura Woodward.
Here are some details:


I am currently looking into establishing a Studio of about 20 individual spaces, and am very keen to hear from anyone who may be interested in a space towards the end of this year.

At this stage:
- each space will be an individual room
- sizes will range from 16 to 32 square metres (larger available if required)
- cost from $40 to $80 per week, according to size
- cement floors
- located 15 minute train trip or bike ride from the city, very close to station
- good street access for moving large artworks
- suitable for a wide range of artistic practices

If you may be interested in a space, or would like any more info, I would love to hear from you! I can be contacted at laura(at)laurawoodward(dot)com(dot)au.


Anonymous said...

This makes me wish I lived in Melbourne! A studio space for only $40 - $80 a week is nuts! And it looks like such an awesome building. You should see the tiny spaces here in Brisbane that are so much more per week. Hence, I work from home.
Good luck with everything! My work is in Melbourne, so I have to come down often, so I might just have to get designing and come by for a visit when you're all set up! I always wanted to get some fabric printed :)

CASPER said...

Fantastic! Yeah makes me want to come back to Melbourne just so I can rent a space from you! (But Switzerland is pretty good for the moment!)
You could try contacting Illustrator's Australia? We are a pretty big network of creative folk and there are often people looking for studio spaces...

Anna said...

just found you guys via kate banazi's blog and i'm so excited to see the work you do! (if your blog banner is any indication, it will be beautiful stuff).

good luck and i'll be following along as you open your business!


nineteen toes said...

Oh, I am soooo jealous! We've been looking for a studio space ideally just like this, but there's nothing I've found in Sydney for anything like that price! hmmm... I've often thought of moving to Melbourne...

I'm so excited to hear about your new endeavour - very much looking forward to featuring you guys on my blog! Best of luck with it all.