Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ink & Spindle needs YOU!

Our beloved studio

There are some big and exciting changes on the Ink & Spindle horizon! 

After much soul-searching and reflection, Teegs has made the bittersweet decision to leave Melbourne and move to her beloved homeland of the Northern Rivers.

In her words: I have always intended to one day move back to the area, build a straw bale house, live off the grid and grow my own food, but my recent travels and the subsequent time spent with my family there (especially my beautiful, brand-new baby niece whom I love and adore) helped me to realise that now is the time for me.

Teegs & baby niece Marley
I came to that decision one morning while watching the sunrise from Australia's magical easternmost point, and it felt instantly right. A whole bunch of anxiety I didn't even realise I was holding on to fell away and I felt an immense relief... but also an immense sadness, because leaving Melbourne also means leaving my best friend and sister-by-another-mister Lara C. and our beautiful baby, Ink & Spindle.

Epic. Very hard. Without a doubt. Very, very hard. 

But the big news doesn't end there though - the other rather more joyous thing is that Lara and her lovely soon-to-be husband Dave are expecting next April! Yay! Congratulations, guys :)

Lara & Dave's little person waves hello

SO! All of the above means we are looking for Expressions of Interest from like-minded individuals to take over Teegs' role within the business and partnership. 

The individual we are looking for doesn't need to have any previous experience (because we didn't when we started the business!) but needs to be capable of learning quickly, of being self motivated, energetic, happy to work hard in a pretty darn fun environment and be willing to help nurture the wonderful entity that is Ink & Spindle (especially whilst Lara is on maternity leave!). And of course MOSTLY IMPORTANTLY they must be compatible with that wonderful lady herself :)

If you are interested in having a conversation with us about this, then we'd like to meet you! Please send us an email with the following info:
  • a little about yourself
  • what you feel you could contribute to I&S
  • what you hope to gain from running a small, independent design & print studio
Looking forward to hearing from you :)

xx Teegs & Lara


Anonymous said...

Wow.. too bad I dont live in Australia.. Really like to have the opportunity to work at Ink & Spindle. Good luck for Teegs and congratz Lara for the baby..

from a faraway fan :)

Candice said...

My dream job ... Bit sad that you're on the other side of the country :(
Best of luck finding someone :)

Spin Spin said...

My comment was totes meant for THIS post! Posts everywhere....
Big changes! But maybe you guys can start off by taking over other parts of Aus BEFORE you take on le world? :)
And hope you're doing well Lara. Such excitement for both of you!

sharon O said...

Wow that's big news all round.
Congratulations on all fronts.

Wish i was still in Melbourne or i'd apply but we are overseas until Sept next year.


Polly Rowan said...

Oh wow wish I lived in Melbourne, not London right now!

sevanetta said...

Found this thru Lara's partner Dave - it won't be easy to leave what you have in Melbourne but can I just say, I moved back to the Northern Rivers nearly 3 years ago and have absolutely loved it. Always happy to make a new friend if you want to say hello when you move back too :)

Onabee said...

Wow guys - end of an era!
Good luck Teegs - follow your heart
Lara - you'll be a great mum
look forward to the next years of I&S
Fiona (Onabee)

Onabee said...

Wow guys - end of an era!
Good luck Teegs - follow your heart
Lara - you'll be a great mum
look forward to the next years of I&S
Fiona (Onabee)

Erika said...

Congratulations Lara and good luck Teegan. All the best for the future...

Cyn said...

So sad I´m not in Australia!! Good luck with the new changes in your life.
Greetings from Argentina!

LanaO said...

Did you find someone, or are you still looking? I would love to move to Australia and work my dream job.
I have a degree in Graphic Art College, currently working in marketing for a department store and looking to start design pattern for textile printing.
Only I live in Zagreb,Croatia.

BTW, congratz Lara for the baby.