Monday, October 21, 2013

5 year birthday SALE!

Some of our discontinued colourways

Hello lovely people!

Firstly, a massive thank you so much for all the messages, emails & comments of congratulations on us achieving FIVE WONDERFUL YEARS in business :) we are feeling very proud & loved, indeed. 

We'd like to give you back some of that love in the form of a 15% discount on all medium weight fabric by the metre in our Ready-Made Shop - because we figure 5 years running a small business is like 15 years in the regular world, right? Right.

Just enter the code I&S_turns_5 at the checkout to redeem the discount! The code is valid until Oct 31, inclusive.

The super good news is that we have placed some of our old colourways which we are discontinuing on sale, too! So if you want to snap those up, you'll be getting a DOUBLE DISCOUNT! Amazing! 

Please don't be sad to see those old favourites go, it just means we are making room for some exciting NEW colourways! Fun times ahead :)

xx Teegs


Unknown said...

congrats on turning 5!!! what an accomplishment!

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Dell Inspiron One 23 said...

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Spin Spin said...

Big changes! But maybe you guys can start off by taking over other parts of Aus BEFORE you take on le world? :)
And hope you're doing well Lara. Such excitement for both of you!

Spin Spin said...
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