Monday, February 11, 2013

New (ish) prints in the shop!

New colourways in the shop!

It's funny how sometimes we'll print a bunch of new colourways but it takes us ages to actually photograph them and put them in our online store! Fortunately we managed to squeeze a little photo shoot in last week so finally we can introduce them to you!

First up, Kangaroo Paw in Mustard and Snow, available both as a medium weight on Hemp/Yak and an upholstery weight on our gorgeous 100% Raw Hemp....

Kangaroo Paw in Mustard & Snow on Hemp/Yak

Kangaroo Paw in Mustard & Snow on Raw 100% Hemp (upholstery weight)

Next up, Lace fans in a pearlescent Soft Gold, on a gorgeous, lightweight linen that's suitable for apparel...

Lace Fans in Soft Gold

There's our Linear design printed in the lovely neutral colourway of Snow on unbleached organic cotton/hemp...

Linear in Snow

And last but not least, Kangaroo Paw in Black & Greylead on oatmeal 100% linen (suitable for just about everything, including upholstery).

Kangaroo Paw in Black & Greylead

Hope you like!



Cushion Spot said...

Beautiful new prints to choose from, my favourite is the kangaroo paw in mustard and snow. Would love to see a collection of gorgeous cushions as they would display together really well.

Amy Prior said...

Wow truly beautiful!

Leaves of the family tree said...

I have to say - I love Yak Hemp fabric. It's so soft and light and lovely.
Fiona - Onabee

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nice prints..i love to have some of have chosen the best quality of fabric and the prints are so nice..

Kels said...

These are beautiful! I love the color scheme