Monday, February 18, 2013

Forte Living Festival - this Friday & Saturday!

Late one evening, an email landed in our inbox from the creators of Forté, the world's tallest timber apartment building, with a request to partner with them. We were cautiously optimistic...

Upon further investigation, Forté turned out to have some pretty great eco-credentials: Super strong, cross-laminated timber construction; rainwater capture use to flush the toilets; no carpark but a bike store instead; a veggie garden on each balcony; solar shading; the use of non-toxic materials (carpets, paint); the list goes on!

The lovely folk at Forté offered us an empty apartment to fit out. However we liked. I'm sure you can imagine our reaction: um, yes please!

So we quickly started calling up some fabulous Melbourne based designers & businesses to help us in the furnishing of our completely empty apartment. To our delight, Grandfather's Axe, Wilkins & Kent, Armadillo & Co, Bradley's Curtains & Blinds, Tane Furniture DesignShelley Panton, Abby Seymour, Beth-Emily, Ute, Thurling Guitars, NancybirdMattt & Squiggly Rainbow all have donated their time & skills to this awesome project!

To celebrate to Official Launch, Forté are throwing a rad party - we'd love you to come join us in the celebration!

Market! Outdoor cinema! Tours through the apartments! Expert Speakers!

We're sure looking forward to this Friday's launch - 12-7pm! Hope to see you there xx

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so exciting!