Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Farewell Inklet SALE!

Trams & Bicycles Tee in Apple Jack (photograph by Rebekah Lyn)

It's time to say farewell to our beloved little Inklet label! It's a little bit sad, but not too sad because we're heading off to do new and exciting things. Dana, our co-conspirator and production-manager-extraordinaire is in the process of setting up a hair and make-up salon on Errol St in North Melbourne with her friend Poppy. How exciting is that! Dana's other brand Lady Day is growing in leaps and bounds, so this is such a fantastic move for her. And North Melbourne is such a great area to work and/or live. Congrats Dana & Poppy!

The sale is on in our shop right now for the next week or so. Once these items are gone they're gone for good! You'll still be able to find our range with select stockists around Melbourne but we are selling through all our studio/online shop stock. So head on over and snap up a little piece of organic, local and ethical cuteness before it's all gone :)

Trams & Bicycles Onesie in Jet Black

Pirates & Sea Creatures Tee in Almond

And lots more over here :)

xx Lara, Dana and Teegs

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