Monday, October 8, 2012

4th Birthday & Open Studio - With Cupcakes!

Hey everyone, we are super excited to celebrate the fact that our baby (I&S) is turning 4! FOUR!!

We can hardly believe it's been 4 whole years since the very first 5m run of Robin's Egg Birch came off our printing table. Amazing how time flies.

So to help us celebrate, please come for tea & cupcakes this Saturday the 13th from 11am until 2pm at I&S HQ!

There will be the usual print demo, chats, fabric for sale, but this time with ADDED MR NICE GUY CUPCAKES!! Yay!

Hope to see you there!

xx L&T

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Cyn | decyng said...

Congratulations!! Greetings from Buenos Aires!