Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A case of mono

Monochrome, timber & mustard - experimenting with styling

Colour is everywhere right now. In all the stores and on all the blogs. And as much as we appreciate these splashes of brightness, Teegs and I still much prefer a bit of monochrome. Especially when it's coupled with warm timber tones and a bit of mustard! It's not very "summer" I know, but we love it all the same.

The other thing I've been enjoying is playing around with styling. I've always enjoyed photography and making nice interior spaces, but I've never actually tried to "style" a shoot. I have to say at this point: THIS IS NOT HOW MY HOME LOOKS AT ALL. You'd actually laugh if you could see what's behind the camera in this shot - all our usual living room furniture and things crammed up against the opposite wall, my house mates relegated to armchairs pushed into the corners to eat their dinner and read their books.

Monochrome, timber & mustard - experimenting with styling (circle shelf by Bride & Wolfe, rug by Armadillo & Co)

I had quite a lot of fun setting up this shoot, and can't wait to do it again! Of course, all the textiles in this shot are available in our shop, and you can buy the finished cushions if you don't feel like making them yourselves!

Birch in Black 45cm cushion

Blockprint in Black, meterage

Leuca & Ginkgo 45cm cushions

xx Lara.


Stitchybritt said...

A bit unrelated, but - Lara, where did you get your fantastic light fittings?

Sara said...

And the rug too?

sabrina said...

great room! where is the sofa from?

Jamie@OwlReally.com said...

I am also curious about the sofa! Everything looks great!

Lara said...

Thanks guys!

Stitchybritt - I made them!

Sara - The rug is from Armadillo & Co

Sabrina & Jamie - The couch is from Dwell in Kensington, VIC. Not sure if they still make them!

My Scandinavian Home said...

Wow! Your sitting area looks fab! I love your sofa and the way you have styled everything. Off to check out your shop now :)

marta claret said...

I would like to know the name of the light's brand.
Thank you,

Lara said...

Hi Marta,

The lights were designed and assembled by me. I haven't made them available for sale yet, not sure if I will. Thanks for your interest though!

BonnieJean said...

Hi Lara, the round frame shelf on the wall, was this something else you made and do you have instructions?

Amanda said...

I'm also curious about the round shelf on the wall. It's stunning!

Bre said...

Your living room is beautiful! And I am so with you on the whole "mess behind the camera" thing. Buts its worth it for this outcome!


cyndi said...

I absolutely LOVE this space. I'm interested in the circular frame. Did you make it? If so, how? Or where did you get it? My mind is spinning trying to figure out how you could make it. Thanks

Lara said...

Bonnie Jean & Cyndi, the shelf is from Bride & Wolfe:

http://www.brideandwolfe.com.au :)

Unknown said...

If you’ve never done this before, then you did a great job styling the space for the photo! Nice textures and little pops of mustard here and there. I’ll share a little secret with you – most professional shoots are the same. The space they photograph is nothing like what you see in the final picture and there’s a mountain of clutter that the lens doesn’t catch. Well done, hope to see more styling combinations from you!

Anonymous said...

Where the bird sculpture from?