Friday, March 23, 2012

Curtains in Kensington

What happens to a freshly printed roll of fabric after it's been heat set and bundled off with the courier? You know, we'd probably be able to give you a clearer answer if you asked what Melbourne's weather is going to do tomorrow. Most of the time we have no idea where our fabric ends up. Or if we do, it's rare we get to see the results.

Fortunately, one particular client happens to live in our beloved suburb of Kensington, a mere 15mins walk from the studio! Cathy has been fantastically supportive of our little local business over the last few years, and her decision to make three sets of curtains and blinds from our fabrics has left us feeling really pretty chuffed. Check out the amazing results, all made by the great folk over at Bradleys Curtains & Blinds.

Large Birch curtains in Olive on Hemp/Yak

Lace Fans curtains in Deep Red on Unbleached organic cotton/hemp

Rooftops in Deep Red on Natural cotton/linen - LOVE that pelmet!

Thanks again so much Cathy for letting me pop in today and take these shots, and of course for all your support!

x Lara.


Anonymous said...

The birch looks fantastic, I luv it!!

gen said...

Oh heavens! My heart litterally fell to my feet when I read the title of your post on my feed. I seriously thought that the redevelopment of Young Husband was back on the agenda and you were out.

Sooo pleased to see such beautiful curtains for more than one reason now.

Lovely work, as always!

bec said...

wow, they are all gorgeous! The curtains look like a forest! Yum!

Karen L R said...

wowza! gorgeous!

someday i will have birch curtains here in vermont...i thought so the first time i set eyes on ink and spindle fabric a few years will happen. xo

happyhappyyum said...

Those curtains are beautiful! It goes to show how many broad uses your fabric can be used for.

Here's some more of your fabric in use - i just finished making one of your quilt kits for a very special new bub. I'm quite chuffed with it!


Unknown said...

I am greener than those curtains with envy. I would love curtains like that.

Joanne said...

Lovely curtains....