Monday, March 26, 2012

Offspring Doona Cover, anyone?

Offspring Doona cover featuring Large Birch and Bonsai in Juniper

So, a little bit of time has passed since our fabric appeared in the form of a doona cover on our favourite show Offspring (yay!). I know lots of people were keen to have one of their own, but we just weren't set up to be able to make them affordably.

But good news! Our lovely friend Olivia from Moochie Lou is just about to make a batch of these doona covers! It's most likely going to be a one-off production run so if you'd like one you need to get in touch with Olivia within the next couple of days (so we know how much fabric to print!).

She's selling a Queen Sized doona cover + two pillowcases for $450, or a King sized for $485. **

Hop to it!


**purchasing one of these doona covers does not guarantee the presence of tall, brooding, handsome, doctor-type men in your bedroom. But one can only try.


bec said...

haha, def will only buy one if hot men involved! Actually, with one of these, who needs a hot man! wish I could afford one! One day.....

Whitney said...

I wish I could afford it!!!! I've waited so long for this moment. I definitely think you should donate one to a poor disability worker ;-) very clever ladies they're just beautiful xx

Joey said...

Congratulations! Love your stuff and if I lived in Brisbane I'd definitely come visit during one of your open studio days.

I sell a range of doona covers via my website - and have been trying to get on the show myself!

If you've got some contact details handy of who you spoke to that would be fantastic.