Tuesday, November 22, 2011


manysquaremetres - studios and exhibition space, Kensington

There are some spaces in our building that have just been crying out for some love for many years now. One of those is a vast, light filled, loft space across a bridge at the end of our corridor, above the Crumpler HQ.

Needless to say we have been very excited to see this space being recently occupied and transformed, under the hands of the manysquaremetres crew - Bridget, Jules and Cassie - all landscape architects by day.

Fitting name huh?

manysquaremetres - currently exhibiting GradEx

The corflute stud walls are a really nice touch. The whole space embraces brightness and lightness and has a wonderful contrast of old and new textures.

... and so long as I can stretch their generosity, this space makes for a great photo studio for our product shots ;)

manysquaremetres - studios and exhibition space, Kensington

Love it. Welcome to the building, guys!


Unknown said...

Studio envy... what a great space!

manysquaremetres said...

This is very exciting, thanks so much for your support Ink and Spindle!