Monday, November 14, 2011

Bex's Duvet

Bex's Duvet

When you've got a Kiwi intern in the studio who keeps saying the word "duvet"... after a while it kind of sticks.

"Bex how's your duvet coming along... I mean doona... damn it!"

Bex has been working on this masterpiece for the last few months in between doing work for us. We all knew the result would be fantastic. And it was indeed. We just love the fact that she took a bunch of offcuts and scrap fabrics and turned them into something amazing.

Bex arranging pieces


Nice work Bex!! And thanks for being an awesome intern :)

P.S. - thanks again to manysquaremetres for the location!


Silvia said...

Hi guys, Love the duvet-doonah!
Would you be able to explain how you made sure that all the scraps filled in the perfect size?
Did you place them in place first?
How did you keep them together?
Did you glue them or sew them?

I am really keen to hear about the process of doing this.

gb80 said...

Bex that looks awesome! I rememeber you mentioned you were making something like that at the Learn 2 Screen Print workshop, well done!

Prue said...

I am so coming to be your intern!

Poppy Q said...

Love the duvet!!

Julie Q
Wellington, NZ

Karen L R said...


Unknown said...

It looks amazing! Funny, I just had the word 'duvet' in one of my crossword puzzles but I had actually entered 'quilt' as the only clue was the 2nd letter 'u' but alas I was wrong...

Rosalind said...

who gets to keep it? Scissors, paper, rock?

casapinka said...

Beautiful duvet, Bex!

Tara Hogan, INK+WIT said...