Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Everybody loves a good Before & After

Flowering Gum in Red Orange & Stone on upholstery weight organic cotton/hemp

Hello! Hope you're all out there enjoying the fickleness that is Melbourne weather. Right now we're mid thunderstorm with crazy lightning flashes outside our windows and thunder rattling the glass. All this after stepping outside our doors this morning without a cardigan.

Anyway, I've been meaning to do this for ages (how often I find myself saying that) but I'd like to share a couple of Before & After's with you! Well that's not entirely true, I don't have a before shot of the armchair but I'm sure you all know what a beaten up armchair clad in a chunky 70's wool looks like. Above though is the lovely upholstery weight fabric that we printed for this job, and below are the wonderful results courtesy of Jacqui from Reissued!

Fler Armchair by Reissued - Flowering Gum in Red Orange & Stone

Fler Armchair by Reissued - Flowering Gum in Red Orange & Stone

Next up, this pair of foot stools horridly clad in uninspiring vinyl. I picked up both of these during a crack of dawn trip to the Camberwell Market. So early and chilly that the vinyl was wet with condensation. But how beautifully they were transformed...

Vinyl foot stools from Camby Market

Foot stool in Robins Egg Birch, reupholstered by Reissued (of course)

Foot stool in Snow Wrens, reupholstered by Reissued


x Lara.


Monique said...

LOVE the footstools!

Unknown said...

Love the Snow Wren footstool!

Fer said...

Oooo... I LIKE a lot!

Amber said...

Such clever peeps you all are! :)

Katherine Herriman said...

Love the stools! Pity you don't have more of them. They'd look so cute in a cluster.

I'd love to be able to do this!

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flourish and blume said...

We wet our pants over this sorta thing!